CION Illuminating stores at Dubai Shopping Festival

CION Illuminating stores at Dubai Shopping Festival

With the kickstart of the new edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Malls are ready to celebrate another spectacular season of live entertainment, amazing deals and fun for the whole family. All stores are ready to welcome customers with their latest products and offers. All the highlights of the stores are well-lit to attract customers and grab the best deals.

We can proudly say that CION, one of the leading light companies in Dubai, UAE, with state of art LED solution have successfully contributed and supplied lights to more than 100+ stores from fashion and jewellery to electronics and accessories this season. Retail store lighting is one of the important elements of store design that contributes to the success story of any brand. Along with the colours and music, lights are the main element which directly or indirectly attracts attention and helps create a brand image. Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to the retail store.

Retail store lighting is as important as every other element of the store design. Store lighting categorizes into general lighting, ambient lights, focus lighting, decorative lighting, and direct and indirect lightings. Good lighting changes and transforms the store space. We use light and shade to make a store look and feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric. Let’s say we want to highlight a feature wall, we would need track tracks or wall washers to hit the feature products on the wall but same time with a darker area around, this then draws our attention to a feature wall. Blending different colour temperatures, using various beam angles and dramatic effects in-store is recommended to differentiate the brand/ store from others. In this new world of technology, there are many indirect lighting added around like LED screens, cove lightings and power walls going into the store. It is not recommended to excessively light up the store which creates a negative impact and ambience for shopping.

This is where Retail store lighting consultants come into action. With years of experience and a manufacturing unit set up based locally in UAE, CION lighting technologies have the capacity to meet up clients’ urgent requirements and expectations without any compromise. Also generating local employment at the same time and using sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. We have a team of experts to guide our clients through the process. CION lighting technologies are equipped with state of art facilities where each component of the luminaire is tested before it goes out to the store. There are devices to check and calculate the output of COB and generate IES files to generate lux reports. An architect or interior designer may just draw a grid of downlights into their plans for your store interior, which won’t do justice to what they have designed. Calling lighting experts to work in harmony with your interior designer or architect will maximize the impact of your storage space. Our hands-on experience design team are geared up for any challenges when it comes to storing design and lighting layout. It is very important to understand clients’ and malls’ requirements to design any store layout. It is the blend of the brand image reflecting inside the store and with careful design shopfront considering the holistic environment of the mall.  A well-lit store is always a sight to behold.

CION lighting technology is among the only light companies in Dubai, that are ESMA/ECAS certified and authorized to supply Majid Al Futtaim and EMAAR properties. Our reach is not only limited to UAE, but we also have supplies to stores in the entire GCC, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and KSA through our distributors and service provider. Energy saving is also one of the major factors which major retailers ignore, and light suppliers take advantage of. With state of art LED technology and a well-designed heat sink made up of high-quality diecast fixtures can save up to 40% electricity compared to metal halide lamps. It will not only save money using LPD (Load Power Density) calculation but also helps to reduce carbon footprints by using less electricity and AC cooling. All the products and fixtures and tested in our in-house labs and overseas in globally recognized labs. CION lighting technology also has the market leader to introduce first-in-class lens technology to improve the efficiency and luminaire output. Talking about COBs, we only recommend CRI 90 and above. CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and is the world’s most widely accepted metric to describe a light source’s ability to accurately reproduce color. High CRI enhances the brightness of products and brings out true colours. If CRI increases, Lumen decreases. This is very normal in this market, where many retailers and stores are tricked with light suppliers selling cheap products with lower CRI and higher lumen packages.

With a wide range of variety of retail lights starting from LED downlights to hanging LED hibays, LED track lights to LED wall washers, recessed fixtures to suspended fitting, LED spotlights to LED flood lights, LED strip lights to LED linear profile fixtures low wattage fixture too high wattage fixture. Customers can choose between these wide varieties of fixtures and with us, the customer gets a choice to go with customised fixtures giving them exclusivity and standing out from other stores. Even if you are new to retail or looking for concept change our factory is equipped with experiment zones for testing labs. From grocery stores to supermarkets, electronic stores to branded clothing wear, we provide end-to-end solutions with our expertise. All our products come with industry-standard replacement warranties and seamless after-sales support so that our clients without worry can focus on their business expansions and sales.

To be precise, CION assists retail shops to expand and their customers in enhancing their shopping experience.


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