Gimbal Lights

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Modern lighting solutions.

Unobstructed, isolated yet focused on the space with intensity. Pivoting within the housing enabling seamless functionality of illumination and create the desired ambience.

Unobstructed, isolated, yet intensely focused!

LED gimbal lights are an easy fit into any application. Their adjustable motion and adjustable beam angles open doors to a wide range of uses in several spaces.

While creating sophisticated, high-end looks. Gimbals are a preferred choice to be used over various noncircular ceiling concepts. It is an unmatched magic that other kind of lighting fixtures can seldom achieve. They add an exotic appeal to products showcased in retail stores and showrooms, swerving freely even in areas with little clearance, gimbal lights shape an unmistakable aura of opulence.

They also produce lesser heat, thereby decreasing the risk of fire hazard.

  • Made out of high quality Aluminium Die Cast with superior Powder Coating.
  • Application , Performance and Aesthetic are key elements taken care while designing the Product .
  • The mounting of the product done in a such way that it will in cooperated seamlessly with the ceiling, products are available in various Wattage , Colour Temperature and Angle beam.

Lens is added feature to make sure proper distribution and seemless light even to have uniformity.

Fashion Retail, Super & Hyper Market Hospitality, School, Office and Home.

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