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With the Group’s 20 plus years of expertise in the GCC, Indian Sub-continent and North African region, and with more than 7,500 projects under its belt there are countless milestones that have been achieved. And especially when having worked with one of the biggest brands in the world, the challenges get more and more complex. Let us site few gems from our story. Read More


LEDs generate heat upon usage. To produce durable products, our LEDs are designed to allow the heat to dissipate quickly. Parts such as the circuit board, heat sink and housing have been carefully chosen to reduce friction. This ensures that our luminaires and other LED lighting solutions are better suited to withstand harsh weather conditions of the Gulf region.

Packaging is process of assembling a chip with various raw materials to manufacture LED, highly affecting performance of the diode. Hence, leading brands offer assembled LEDs of superior quality by strictly supervising and carrying out the process themselves.
LEDs mostly operate at voltage of about 37V while other low voltage products may require a voltage of 12V or 24V. Power supplies act as a bridge by converting electricity from the Mains (220V) to the right voltage needed by the LED luminaire. To ensure that the LED lasts for years, the right type of power supply must be used. We strongly recommend using certified power supplies manufactured by leading brands.
Nakashi offers a variety of power supplies and transformers to suit your needs.

With the rise of online shopping, high-street stores are having to fight even harder to grab the attention of consumers. As well as music, scent and temperature, ambient lighting is important to create for customers the ultimate shopping experience, and one that makes purchasing items in store more desirable than the increasingly popular alternatives.
Wireless lighting control from tridonic