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Modern lighting solutions.

Objects are the main focus where in ambient also gets highlighted. Various angles of adjustment gives directional versatility in order to achieve the most perfect light and shadow combination.

Add opulence to attract affluent attention!

Unlike other kinds of lights that focus with a beam of light, wall washers illuminate an area of the wall. When it comes to smaller rooms, proper placement of LED wall washer lights in the right colors can make a room feel larger. Wall washers provide soft ambient light to a space. When the desired effect is achieved, wall washers make everything appear brighter and larger. This quality brings most out of the object in focus, thereby helping to influence behavior and decision making.

Wall washers add a sense of warmth and abundance to a room or surface. They make an entity feel bigger than its form. Find modern and innovative lighting solutions, brought to you by a leading LED wall washer light manufacturer. Find the most aesthetically functional lighting solutions ideated and conceptualized in Italy with CION Lighting. Simply fill in the form below to get our complete range of LED wall washer lights.

  • Made out of high quality Aluminium Die Cast with superior Powder Coating.
  • Application , Performance and Aesthetic are key elements taken care while designing the Product .
  • The mounting of the product done in a such way that it will in cooperated seamlessly with the ceiling and wall washing is possible as desired, products are available in various Wattage , Colour Temperature and Angle beam.
  • Lens is added feature to make sure proper distribution and seamless light to create Luxurious & Dramatic ambience.
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