A Renowned Hypermarket Chain In GCC

With the Group’s 20 plus years of expertise in the GCC, Indian Sub-continent and North African region, and with more than 7,500 projects under its belt there are countless milestones that have been achieved. And especially when having worked with one of the biggest brands in the world, the challenges get more and more complex. Let us site few gems from our story.


Store Design was awarded to an Interior Design Company. Hence, Lighting Design was also under their scope of work. We were given the mandate for lighting fixtures for the entire project. With the CION Lighting Group was studying the lighting design, our highly skilled designers noticed that the lighting design prepared by the Interior Design Company was not meeting the required average LUX levels of 1000-1200 as per the set standards and client’s instructions.

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Following Design Flaws Were Pointed Out To The Client :

  • Following Design Flaws were pointed out to the client –
  • Incorrect Distance between fixture to fixture, creating dark spots across the store.
  • Incorrect wattage and reflector angles selected, resulting in disorientation of light and low lux levels
  • Furniture Rack System was not parallel to the lighting design, hence shadows were created.

All of the above were brought up to the clients notice. However, given the reputation of the Interior Designer, our consultation was ignored and were asked to proceed as per the existing design and plan.

Once the lighting was installed, and just days before the opening date. All of the above were noticed by the client and it was then asked to provide a solution for the same within a very short span of time.

Solution In Place And Challenges Encountered.

Since High Bay Lighting fixtures were used, we had to stick with the existing lighting points since these were already installed and no changes to the lighting design were to be considered. For Hypermarket/Supermarkets projects, we normally recommend our clients to use linear Lighting systems parallel to the Furniture Racking Systems to get optimum results with a uniform spread of light. This is to avoid dark spots and brings in uniformity of light.

Keeping the existing lighting grid of 3 meters in place, client was given a solution to install, Optimized Integrated Inner Reflectors within the existing highbays, in order to boost the lighting output meeting LUX levels between 1000-1200. As the High Bays were installed at a 5 meter ceiling height, the reflector angle was changed from 60 degrees to 35, bringing in uniformity and removing dark spots and shadows.

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