Wall Washer Lights

Desired surfaces of a wall get hit where in the objects in display enjoy the attention. Helping to bring out the most out of the object, decisions and behavior can be influenced.

LED Wall Washer Lights for Retail Shop

Add opulence to attract affluent attention!

Unlike other kinds of lights that focus with a beam of light, wall washers illuminate an area of the wall. When it comes to smaller rooms, proper placement of LED wall washer lights in the right colours can make a room feel larger.Layering wall washer lights with other kinds of focused beams adds illumination in abundance to ensure no corner of the room is left untouched.

LED wall washer lights add a premium feel and can make any room look affluent. Yet, they are also cost and energy efficient.

Wall washers provide soft ambient light to a space. When the desired effect is achieved, wall washers make everything appear brighter and larger. This quality brings most out of the object in focus, thereby helping to influence behavior and decision making.

Wall washers are coveted assets in spaces that display paintings, photographs and art installations. They are also highly effective in highlighting extensive book collections displayed on floor to ceiling book cases or wall shelves with precious collectibles.

Wall washers also enhance items on display at commercial spaces such as retail shops and showrooms. They are an invaluable decorative add on to entrance areas and places specifically designed to beautify an area in spaces such as hotels, restaurants, malls etc. Building facades, parks, plazas, clubs, art galleries and other commercial landscapes can use wall washer lights to indulge in an extravagant experience.

Wall washers add a sense of warmth and abundance to a room or surface. They make an entity feel bigger than its form. Find modern and innovative lighting solutions, brought to you by a leading LED wall washer light manufacturer. Find the most aesthetically functional lighting solutions ideated and conceptualized in Italy with CION Lighting. Simply fill in the form below to get our complete range of LED wall washer lights.

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