Gimbal Lights

Unobstructed, isolated yet focused on the space with intensity. Pivoting within the housing enabling seamless functionality of illumination and create the desired ambience.

LED Gimbal Lights for Retail Shop

Unobstructed, isolated, yet intensely focused!

LED gimbal lights are an easy fit into any application. Their adjustable motion and adjustable beam angles open doors to a wide range of uses in several spaces.

While creating sophisticated, high-end looks, LED gimbal lights are energy and cost-efficient as compared to halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lighting solution substitutes in commercial and residential spaces. They also produce lesser heat, thereby decreasing the risk of fire hazard. With no gas-filled glass bulbs, our quality LED gimbal lights are also very less prone to breakages.

A distinctive feature of gimbal lights is the ease with which these ceiling fixtures fit into tight spaces. This quality makes them a preferred choice to be used over kitchen islands, counter tops and shelving units. It is an unmatched magic that other kind of lighting fixtures can seldom achieve!

Gimbal lights are a great pick to create an intimate experience in luxury restaurants and hotel rooms. They add an exotic appeal to products showcased in retail stores and showrooms. Swerving freely even in areas with little clearance, gimbal lights shape an unmistakable aura of opulence.

Our innovative design allows for the gimbal lights to pivot within the housing, which enables seamless functionality of lighting to create an aesthetically desirable ambiance. They are an excellent choice for home and work space illumination with a unique architectural appeal. Wall art, indoor landscape artifacts or architectural elements can be highlighted with these. Installing gimbal lights as accent lighting over distinctive pieces placed in isolation creates a truly remarkable and eye-catching ambiance.

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