Bay Lights

Bold yet elegant. Eye catching luminaire and easy to install are the characteristics why they are most preferred choice of illumination for respective purposes.

LED Bay Lights for Retail Shop

Bold, bright and elegant luminaires!

Bay lights are fixtures designed for usage in manufacturing units, industries, warehouses and other areas that comprise high ceilings, but demand bold lighting. Bay lights are a preferred choice for being eye-catching luminaires that are easy to install and use.

LED bay light fixtures are economic, as in they consume lesser energy and hence cost lesser.They also last a long time. The installation of the right bay lights depending on the characteristics of a space can maximize safety, energy efficiency and boost productivity. Bay light application is mostly in spaces with ceilings that are between 10 and 45 feet in height. The vertical orientation of bay lights hits both the desired surfaces and illuminates the floor. This is especially useful in warehouse spaces that need picking of items right off the high shelves. They are convenient and bright luminaires for demanding spaces.

Bay lights are either fixed directly to the ceiling or hung from ceilings using chains, hooks or other supporting fixtures. Their most desired feature is that they provide clear and uniform lighting of what’s below with negligible glare.They are largely used in commercial spaces such as ports, storage facilities, large show rooms, airport hangars, municipal facilities, school and university gymnasiums, workshops, assembly lines, petrol stations, malls and much more. An innovative application of bay lights is usage in event centers, concerts and large corporate conference halls. They can also be used as accent lights, spot lights and display lights in retail spaces.

Bay lights are high-intensity in nature and are best suited for industry, plant and factory spaces. Find the best lighting solutions for large spaces with high ceilings, brought to you by a leading LED bay light manufacturer. We offer several qualities and coverage styles. Find the most aesthetically functional lighting solutions ideated and conceptualized in Italy with CION Lighting. Simply fill in the form below to get our complete range of LED track lights.

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