How can lighting impact the customer’s shopping experience?

How can lighting impact the customer’s shopping experience?

What are the benefits that retailers gain by using high-quality lighting in stores? What are the main effects on employees:
Effects on customer’s shopping experience:
• Attracts and invites customers into the environment
• Guides customers through the store
• Draws attention to specific products and allows for a better examination and appreciation
• Creates an atmosphere that helps customers relax, get comfortable or excited
• Affects moods, behaviours (people tend to follow bright paths, brightness focuses attention
and aids orientation) and buying habits
• Communicates the fact that the store has a well-established merchandising strategy and
wants to offer the best experience. It can also emphasize the quality of the products/services
and even the price range the store has to offer
• Helps to increase sell through
• Good lighting can encourage consumers to spend more time in the store, improve the KPI’s
and encourage return custom.
Leaving a lasting impression on consumers’ minds and encourage word of mouth conversations
amongst their friendship group

Retailer benefits:
• Retailers can fashion a mood to complement their product
• Great lighting will have products looking their absolute best, by enhancing their appearance
• Suitable lighting has a positive effect on everything from first impressions to checkout
• Elevates overall brand image and helps create a stronger customer-brand bond
• From jewellery to clothing and groceries, the right lighting helps drive sales and improve KPI’s
Employee benefits:
• They become increasingly task focused
• Creates a more enjoyable workplace
• Communicates brand standards and promotes good workplace etiquette
• Encourages employees to become better brand ambassadors

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