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How can lighting impact the customer’s shopping experience?

What are the benefits that retailers gain by using high-quality lighting in stores? What are the main effects on employees:
Effects on customer’s shopping experience:
• Attracts and invites customers into the environment
• Guides customers through the store
• Draws attention to specific products and allows for a better examination and appreciation
• Creates an atmosphere that helps customers relax, get comfortable or excited
• Affects moods, behaviours (people tend to follow bright paths, brightness focuses attention
and aids orientation) and buying habits
• Communicates the fact that the store has a well-established merchandising strategy and
wants to offer the best experience. It can also emphasize the quality of the products/services
and even the price range the store has to offer
• Helps to increase sell through
• Good lighting can encourage consumers to spend more time in the store, improve the KPI’s
and encourage return custom.
Leaving a lasting impression on consumers’ minds and encourage word of mouth conversations
amongst their friendship group

Retailer benefits:
• Retailers can fashion a mood to complement their product
• Great lighting will have products looking their absolute best, by enhancing their appearance
• Suitable lighting has a positive effect on everything from first impressions to checkout
• Elevates overall brand image and helps create a stronger customer-brand bond
• From jewellery to clothing and groceries, the right lighting helps drive sales and improve KPI’s
Employee benefits:
• They become increasingly task focused
• Creates a more enjoyable workplace
• Communicates brand standards and promotes good workplace etiquette
• Encourages employees to become better brand ambassadors

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What is meant by ‘getting lighting right’?

Contrast is the key to getting lighting right.
Have the right balance of light between merchandise and surrounding environment.
Some retailers have taken it to extremes – where the contrast ratio is very high and is in favour
of merchandise.
Other retailers are at the extremely other end of the spectrum, when emphasis is equally on
the surrounding space and merchandise.
If anybody who carefully plans their lighting has contrast ratios that tip the other way, to
illuminate the surrounding space to a higher level of than the merchandise, it defeats the
object, as everything except merchandise would be illuminated.

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Where to focus in terms of lighting design?

Layering different kinds of light will help in achieving the best look and mood for the store. Not
only will it help in highlighting different products in the storefront, but it also gives the store
warmth and dimension. Applicable for both the high activity lighting, which is probably one of
the most used methods of lighting or the high-end retailer approach using accent lighting.
The store should provide with suitable lighting which works for the business, in a professional
and practical way.
The Illumination is required in all areas of any retail store. However, there are certain sectors
that deserve extra attention.
These parts include: Sales and transaction areas, fitting rooms, product display areas, feature
displays and of course window displays.