Save big on your store lighting with CION

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Save big on your store lighting with CION

CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES is one of the most recognized Lighting suppliers in Dubai, which manufactures LED lighting and is in the SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE. Our outstanding team has the knowledge and experience to handle tasks perfectly and with the highest care. Eager to help any client with their specific design, Lux calculation, and technical needs. With more than 20 years of experience, CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES has established itself as a top LED lighting supplier in Dubai for the Middle East and North African markets. The company offers a high level of lighting expertise to support regional projects with the best products and services for any kind of retail-related project. CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES expanded its service to other nations with a skilled staff of over 70 personnel to support the region’s expanding markets. CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES has expanded its selection of goods and services over the years, and the steadily expanding number of project references and business clients can only serve as further proof of the company’s proficiency.

At CION, we think that light has a significant influence on the shopping experience for customers. Our lighting concepts concentrate on the decision-making stage, the interface between the light, the product, and the consumer. LEDs have become the most popular light source in retail due to characteristics including lower energy costs, short on/off times, clear color reproduction, durability, and maintenance cost savings. LEDs can be installed in spot lights, downlights, hi bays, tracklights, accent lights, shelf lights, task lights, and emergency lighting. Lighting promotes sales as well as creating energy-efficient and sustainable retail environments that inspire customers and affirms us as the topnotch LED lighting company in Dubai.

lighting manufacturers in uae

For you, our lighting design specialists will create a lighting concept that is specific to your requirements. Analysis of the current lighting solution and a precise explanation of the goals to be attained with the new lighting concept serve as the foundation for the idea. Ultimately, the execution of lighting schemes must be efficient and organized to succeed. CION outlines all the requirements for a successful lighting design. We pay special attention to the emotional impact because light can subtly affect consumers and their purchasing behaviour. Best-quality lighting combined with comprehensive planning results in complex, long-lasting solutions that increase sales. CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES being a manufacturer produces products in excellent quality with long life cycles, thus making it one of the most efficient Lighting suppliers in Dubai. By consistently testing our expertise and pushing the limits of innovation, we improve the quality of LED light with every customer instance. Our contribution to bettering society and architecture while also protecting the environment is light. Our understanding of light as the fourth dimension of design makes it clear that it is crucial to a healthy ecology.

lighting manufacturers in uae

Retailers must look for innovative methods to interact with their customers and enhance the in-store experience in this increasingly digital environment. Key factors include your bottom line and giving your

customers a shopping experience, they will remember. Our cutting-edge optical solutions contribute to the creation of light that improves health, usability, safety, and sustainability. In a variety of applications, we can provide amazing outcomes thanks to our expertise and technological know-how. As an LED lighting company in Dubai, CION LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES keeps the aisles well-lit while indoor positioning may help customers navigate the store and customize their shopping experience while reducing energy consumption and enhancing operational effectiveness. The act of shopping is evolving into something more than just “purchasing things” thanks to new developments and LED technology; it now involves a full experience that is specific to the brand and store. Retailers can showcase products, advertise a certain lifestyle ideal, or highlight the distinctive identity of a top brand thanks to lighting innovation. Lighting for stores It is all around us. What if it could facilitate improved in-store experiences, promote new operational efficiency, and produce data for thorough retail analytics. Create beautiful and adaptable retail environments, use zoning and different levels of lighting to influence certain shopping patterns, and use your store app to send customers location-based offers on their smartphones. Now that’s retail savvy. The phrase “the world is a stage” is becoming more and more true in the retail industry. Retailers can direct customers’ lines of sight to things by selectively emphasizing certain regions, just like lighting on a stage might draw attention to actors or objects.

  • Enhance the appeal of your store to increase both staff and client happiness.
  • To highlight various displays across the store, create zones by changing the lighting.
  • For greatest impact, use the correct amount of lighting to build your brand’s presence.
  • To direct customers into the store, use extremely precise indoor positioning.
  • Gather information about your consumers’ shopping habits to improve store design.
  • Offer customers personalized promos that encourage cross-selling.
  • To increase shelf life, use excellent lighting.

lighting manufacturers in uae

We are aware that a shopper’s decision-making process is heavily influenced by their emotions, and that the appropriate experience can elicit the right emotion. CION improves the quality of LED lighting with every customer case by consistently testing our expertise and pushing the limits of innovation. When it comes to designing a brand-consistent experience for your customers in-store, quality of light is your main point of differentiation. The term “quality of light” refers to more than just the properties and features of light; it also refers to the ways in which various lighting applications affect the shopping experience and the aesthetics of a location and a collection. According to research, we only have six seconds to get the customer inside the store, making an eye-catching display essential. Good lighting makes things look their best, draws customers’ attention to them, and boosts sales. Poor lighting can affect employee retention in addition to lowering sales and foot traffic. We enable and enhance a shared ecology of light with the help of our clients and partners since we are aware that no one can create a better future by themselves. Establish the setting, captivate the audience, and make sure the client experience is dramatic.

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LED Light Suppliers In Dubai

The term “Lighting or Illumination” refers to the purposeful use of light to produce functional or aesthetically pleasing effects in order to enlighten or brighten a location. Many lighting manufacturers, both in the UAE and throughout the world, construct a lighting plan that makes use of both man-made light sources, like light fixtures and natural illumination from daylight.

Many of the lighting suppliers in the UAE work in a variety of lighting markets and provide all led lighting services, such as lighting for warehouses, stadiums, factories, garages, streets, offices, retail lighting, and so on.

However, as far as I’m aware, there aren’t many businesses that specialize in particular lighting ideas, such as an office or retail lighting alone. On their websites and in their company profiles, the majority of lighting suppliers in the UAE present themselves as “Manufacturers” and show a few pictures of their setup and workspace. They do have an assembly line for the installation of lighting equipment, but they are not producers. Most of them are traders who work with a range of lighting brands created in “China, Europe, and India,” among others.

lighting suppliers in dubai

Manufacturers must consider the factors stated below to achieve maximum performance and endurance of the full LED luminaire system, including the LED driver, resulting in the benefits of employing an LED system.

  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is one of the key arguments for switching to LED lights. The luminous efficacies of white LED packages with phosphor conversion have increased over the previous ten years, going from 85 lm/W to over 200 lm/W.
  • Optical Delivery Efficiency – The capacity to achieve high luminaire optical efficiency with LED lighting is less widely known to ordinary customers but is highly desired by lighting designers. This is in addition to huge advances in light source efficacy. A significant design problem in the field has been the efficient conveyance of the light emitted by light sources to the target.
  • Illumination Uniformity – One of the key goals in both interior ambient and outdoor area/roadway lighting designs is uniform illumination. A measure of the distribution of illumination over an area is called uniformity. A job surface or area should get an even distribution of incident lumens under good lighting.
  • Directional Illumination – LEDs are ideally suited for directed illumination due to their high flux density and directional emission pattern. A directional luminaire concentrates light from the source into a focused beam that travels uninterruptedly from the luminaire to the target area.
  • Spectral Engineering – With the help of LED technology, it is now possible to modify the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the light source, allowing the light’s spectrum to be customized for different uses. With regards to lighting goods, spectral controllability enables the spectrum to be designed to elicit human visual, physiological, psychological, plant photoreceptor, semiconductor detector (such as an HD camera), or even a mix of such reactions.
  • On/Off Switching – In single digit to tens of nanoseconds, LEDs turn on to full brightness, and they switch off in tens of nanoseconds. In comparison, small fluorescent lamps can take up to three minutes for the bulb to warm up or attain its maximum light output.
  • Dimming Capability – While fluorescent and HID lamps do not respond well to dimming, LEDs do so perfectly due to their capacity to provide light output in a very dynamic way. To maintain the gas excitation and voltage conditions when dimming fluorescent lamps, expensive, big, and complicated circuitry is required.
  • Controllability – In order to execute various intelligent lighting techniques, from dynamic lighting and adaptive lighting to whatever IoT comes next, lighting systems may easily integrate sensors, processors, controllers, and network interfaces.
  • Design Flexibility – Because LEDs are so small, light source designers can create them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of this physical trait, designers have more leeway to convey their design philosophies or create brand identities.
  • Durability – Instead of a glass bulb or tube, as is the case with traditional incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and HID lamps, which produce light using filaments or gases, an LED produces light from a block of semiconductors.
  • Product Life – One of the primary benefits of LED lighting is its extended lifespan, yet assertions to the contrary may be made based solely on the lifetime measure for the LED package (light source). The moment in time when the luminous flux output has decreased to 70% of its starting output or L70, is frequently used to determine the usable life of an LED package, an LED lamp, or an LED luminaire (light fixtures). At Ta = 85 °C, LEDs (LED packages) typically have L70 lifetimes of between 30,000 and 100,000 hours. To estimate the L70 life of LED packages using the TM-21 approach, LM-80 measurements are used; however, they are performed with the LED packages working continuously under well-regulated operating circumstances.

There were just a handful of reliable and well-known lighting manufacturers in the UAE during the Pre-Covid era, including Starsline, Ansorg, LTS, Huda Lighting, Al Rostamani, Microlights, and Avolux. With only these providers competing for customers, Starsline, Ansorg, and Microlights had the majority of the market share. Ansorg and Microlights are European manufacturers; Starsline had a lighting brand named E-Claire that was performing phenomenally in the retail sector even though it was made in China. The non-compromising quality of Starsline’s products, their quick after-sales service, and their competitive pricing helped to persuade customers to choose them over other European lighting brands.

lighting suppliers in dubaiThe UAE now has many LED Light Suppliers in Dubai, most manufacturers focus primarily on retail, such as CION, Plus Lights, Zeta Lumen, Ansorg, Gardler, HSI, Hansa Green, Lival, and Quatrobi. The post-Covid age is a whole new ballgame for lighting suppliers and the market in general since consumers are now very price-sensitive and don’t place as much value on high-quality lighting products or efficient lighting designs.

LED Light Suppliers in Dubai must rethink and replan their strategy considering the challenging market that lies ahead. Many have built up their manufacturing facilities in order to cut back on imports from China and other countries, as business logistics costs have escalated. They are compelled to create a cost-effective product line in order to keep their current clients and remain competitive. The majority of the smaller suppliers are inactive and were compelled to shut down. Suppliers must adapt to the market’s demands in this time of increased cost sensitivity.

CION Illuminating stores at Dubai Shopping Festival

With the kickstart of the new edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Malls are ready to celebrate another spectacular season of live entertainment, amazing deals and fun for the whole family. All stores are ready to welcome customers with their latest products and offers. All the highlights of the stores are well-lit to attract customers and grab the best deals.

We can proudly say that CION, one of the leading light companies in Dubai, UAE, with state of art LED solution have successfully contributed and supplied lights to more than 100+ stores from fashion and jewellery to electronics and accessories this season. Retail store lighting is one of the important elements of store design that contributes to the success story of any brand. Along with the colours and music, lights are the main element which directly or indirectly attracts attention and helps create a brand image. Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to the retail store.

Retail store lighting is as important as every other element of the store design. Store lighting categorizes into general lighting, ambient lights, focus lighting, decorative lighting, and direct and indirect lightings. Good lighting changes and transforms the store space. We use light and shade to make a store look and feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric. Let’s say we want to highlight a feature wall, we would need track tracks or wall washers to hit the feature products on the wall but same time with a darker area around, this then draws our attention to a feature wall. Blending different colour temperatures, using various beam angles and dramatic effects in-store is recommended to differentiate the brand/ store from others. In this new world of technology, there are many indirect lighting added around like LED screens, cove lightings and power walls going into the store. It is not recommended to excessively light up the store which creates a negative impact and ambience for shopping.

This is where Retail store lighting consultants come into action. With years of experience and a manufacturing unit set up based locally in UAE, CION lighting technologies have the capacity to meet up clients’ urgent requirements and expectations without any compromise. Also generating local employment at the same time and using sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. We have a team of experts to guide our clients through the process. CION lighting technologies are equipped with state of art facilities where each component of the luminaire is tested before it goes out to the store. There are devices to check and calculate the output of COB and generate IES files to generate lux reports. An architect or interior designer may just draw a grid of downlights into their plans for your store interior, which won’t do justice to what they have designed. Calling lighting experts to work in harmony with your interior designer or architect will maximize the impact of your storage space. Our hands-on experience design team are geared up for any challenges when it comes to storing design and lighting layout. It is very important to understand clients’ and malls’ requirements to design any store layout. It is the blend of the brand image reflecting inside the store and with careful design shopfront considering the holistic environment of the mall.  A well-lit store is always a sight to behold.

CION lighting technology is among the only light companies in Dubai, that are ESMA/ECAS certified and authorized to supply Majid Al Futtaim and EMAAR properties. Our reach is not only limited to UAE, but we also have supplies to stores in the entire GCC, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and KSA through our distributors and service provider. Energy saving is also one of the major factors which major retailers ignore, and light suppliers take advantage of. With state of art LED technology and a well-designed heat sink made up of high-quality diecast fixtures can save up to 40% electricity compared to metal halide lamps. It will not only save money using LPD (Load Power Density) calculation but also helps to reduce carbon footprints by using less electricity and AC cooling. All the products and fixtures and tested in our in-house labs and overseas in globally recognized labs. CION lighting technology also has the market leader to introduce first-in-class lens technology to improve the efficiency and luminaire output. Talking about COBs, we only recommend CRI 90 and above. CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and is the world’s most widely accepted metric to describe a light source’s ability to accurately reproduce color. High CRI enhances the brightness of products and brings out true colours. If CRI increases, Lumen decreases. This is very normal in this market, where many retailers and stores are tricked with light suppliers selling cheap products with lower CRI and higher lumen packages.

With a wide range of variety of retail lights starting from LED downlights to hanging LED hibays, LED track lights to LED wall washers, recessed fixtures to suspended fitting, LED spotlights to LED flood lights, LED strip lights to LED linear profile fixtures low wattage fixture too high wattage fixture. Customers can choose between these wide varieties of fixtures and with us, the customer gets a choice to go with customised fixtures giving them exclusivity and standing out from other stores. Even if you are new to retail or looking for concept change our factory is equipped with experiment zones for testing labs. From grocery stores to supermarkets, electronic stores to branded clothing wear, we provide end-to-end solutions with our expertise. All our products come with industry-standard replacement warranties and seamless after-sales support so that our clients without worry can focus on their business expansions and sales.

To be precise, CION assists retail shops to expand and their customers in enhancing their shopping experience.


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